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New Office Move Completed!

This week we completed the move to our new, larger office. read more »

Drew Lear Summer Shutdown 2015

We'll be shutting the office for a couple of weeks in August for our summer break from August 17th to 21st inclusive. read more »

DVIS appointed Distributor in SADC Region

Drew Lear Technology are pleased to announce that DVIS (Digital Visual Interface Solutions) have been appointed sole distributor for all Drew Lear Technology LED lighting products in the SADC (South African Development Community) Region. read more »

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LED line lights

The VLX high intensity LED Line Lights are the best solution for Web inspection and Surface inspection applications.

Need more light?

With the development of ever more powerful line scan cameras allowing higher and higher line rates, the limiting factor in many applications is often been the intensity of the available line light being used. Inadequate lighting intensity can compromise the abilities of the line scan camera leading to limited line rates and/or image resolution. With the VLX2+/VLX2 products' liquid cooled LED technology, this limitation can be removed allowing even the highest performance line scan cameras to be reliably pushed their limits for 24/7 high speed image acquisition.

Even where more light isn't an absolute essential, Machine Vision system designers will always tell you that you can't have enough! More light can allow larger depth of focus, lower camera gain settings, headroom to compensate for light decay with time – all will contribute to better images, more tolerant acquisition and easier analysis.

Features and Benefits

Whether your application requires conventional top lighting or backlighting, the flexible format of the VLX LED light range offers a light that will meet your needs - providing up to 2.3million Lux in some cases.

  • Highest intensity LED line light solution (>5 Mlux – VLX2+ "HI" White, SWD, 3mm thick line)
  • The best solution for high speed / high resolution Line Scan imaging
  • Liquid Cooled and Passive/Forced air-cooling ranges
  • Range of lengths (100mm to over 3500mm, >=100mm VLX1, >=250mm VLX2+/VLX2)
  • Wide range of wavelengths including UV and IR (365nm – 940nm total range)
  • Fully integrated "Smart" design – no external controller required
  • Full intensity profile control for true flat field correction and line width setting
  • Narrow form factor - Perfect for direct replacement of existing Fibre Optic Line Lights
  • Two working distance options
  • Compatible with all Line Scan cameras and CIS (Compact Image Sensors) including Dalsa, Basler, E2V,Jai, DataLogic, Lord, TVI Vision, ISG, Tattile and Contact Image Sensors (CIS) including Stemmer/Mitsubishi and Tichawa Strobe option (standard on VLX2+) for sensors with no exposure control (e.g. CIS)
  • Diffuser option for specular illumination applications


  • General Web based manufacturing and processing – Quality Inspection and Measurement
  • Paper Making & Conversion
  • Surface Inspection
  • PCB Inspection
  • Automotive
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Print Inspection
  • Glass Inspection
  • Electronic Components & Displays
  • Oil Research
  • Transport – Road and Rail Inspection
  • Packaging Inspection